16th June 2024

Peebles Beltane Sports was held mid-week and the results are here.

Selkirk Border Games was held today and the results are here.

9th June 2024

Hawick Border Games, the second stop on the Borders Athletics circuit, was held today and you can see the results here.

7th June 2024

Helensburgh and Lomond Highland Games results are here.

4th June 2024

Cornhill Highland Games results are here.

3rd June 2024

Markinch Highland Games results are here.

2nd June 2024

The Border Games season started at Earlston yesterday; see the results here.

30th May 2024

The Highland Games season has kicked off and results for Blackford Highland Games and the Heavies results for The Atholl Gathering can be found here.

27th March 2024

The results of all fifty-four Highland Games from last year are now available here. These complement the results of all nine Border Games and the 155th New Year Sprint.

12th January 2024

The results of a Sprint Search now contain a link to power of 10.

8th January 2024

See the report of the 155th New Year Sprint Gala.

7th January 2024

The New Year Sprint section has been updated with results of the 155th New Year Sprint Gala that was held yesterday.

The Past Editions page provides quick links to the list of event winners, results of all finals and full results of the New Year Sprint.

Use Sprint Search to find a competitor's results in the 155th edition, or in other editions, or all editions since 1958.

1st January 2024

Welcome to the ResultsNet re-launch.

For 2024, ResultsNet has expanded to include results from traditional Highland Games, which complement the existing results from traditional Border Games.

ResultsNet is now home to the long established webpages of the unique New Year Sprint meeting with their extensive sets of results.

Note that more results for Highland Games and Border Games are in the pipeline.

Don't forget ResultsNet is on Facebook.

A happy and healthy 2024 to all!