New Year Sprint - Supporting Event Winners

Since its inception in 1870, the New Year Sprint has been supported by events that have ranged in distance from a short dash over 60 yards to a full Marathon.

The supporting events1 have always seen athletes straining to deliver their best performances - occasionally resulting in moments of drama that eclipse the excitement of the New Year Sprint itself.

Championships and short limit handicaps for backmarkers have been staged frequently to showcase the talents of the fleetest of foot.

Latterly veterans then youths races have made a welcome addition to the programme of events.


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1Over the years supplementary meetings have been held at the New Year Sprint venue over the Christmas period. Results for races held at these meetings have not been included here with the exception of the 880yds handicap, the "Christmas Half-Mile", which became an established event held for several decades. The 880yds handicap was incorporated into the New Year Sprint meeting proper in 1940.

The Webmaster is indebited to Ian Whyte of Glenrothes for providing the results of the supporting events for the period from 1944 to 1981.