153rd New Year Sprint Meeting

The 153rd New Year Sprint meeting sees the action return to Meadowbank Sports Centre, Edinburgh, after a break of 23 years. The new Sports Centre, part of Meadowbank regeneration, features a new 8 lane synthetic running track with a 500 seater stand. The New Year Sprint has the honour of being the first major athletics event to be staged at New Meadowbank.

The action takes place on Saturday 30th July and Sunday 31st July. The timetable will be published in due course.

The £5000 first prize makes the New Year Sprint easily the richest race in the open athletics calendar, reinforcing the event's position as the sport's premier event.

The 1 mile race makes a return to the programme over 50 years since it was last run in 1970 when the Sprint held its swansong at Powderhall Grounds. The promoter is marking the occasion by putting up a £1000 bonus for the first scratch runner to beat 4 minutes.

Spectators will get a chance to see the sprint backmarkers fight it out in the revived 100 metres Invitation.

The programme features the usual mix of Open and Youths events ranging from a sprint distance to middle distance plus Veterans and Ladies sprint events. Click here for the full list of events and prize money.

All events feature a handicap starting system.

Although the New Year Sprint has by tradition been a professional event, the meeting has been sanctioned by British Athletics and Scottish Athletics for competition by amateurs, who may keep any prize money won.

1870 Club Sponsors Sweepstake

Win £1000 without stepping on the track!

Sponsor the 153rd New Year Sprint through the 1870 Club Sponsors Sweepstake and you could draw the winner of the New Year Sprint and pick up the £1000 first prize. There are prizes for drawing any of the eight finalists. 2nd place picks up £500, 3rd is £250 and 4th to 8th are each £100. This year there are also prizes of £50 for ticket holding sponsors who draw heat winners who don't run in the final.

Even if you don't strike lucky, there's the satisfaction in knowing that you are supporting the Sprint financially and helping ensure its continuity. Surely we all want future generations to enjoy witnessing, and participating in, the thrilling races that are synonymous with the New Year Sprint. This unique event has been a launchpad for many athletics careers, helping athletes achieve glory at Commonwealth Games level and higher. Buying a Sweep ticket will help ensure this benefit to athletes and athletics, in Scotland and the rest of the UK, is maintained for years to come.

Tickets are £5 pledging your support and are available from Promoter Frank Hanlon; click here for contact details.

The draw is made after the New Year Sprint heats with twenty tickets allocated qualifiers for the cross-ties. All twenty ticket holding sponsors will win a prize.

Events and Prize Money

Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
New Year Sprint (110 metres Open Handicap) 1 £5000 £1000 £500 £250 £225 £175 £150 £125
800 metres Open Handicap £1000 £350 £175 £100 £75 £50 - -
1 Mile (1609 metres) Open Handicap 2 £500 £175 £100 £50 £25 £25 - -
200 metres Open Handicap £500 £175 £100 £50 £25 £25 - -
90 metres Veterans Handicap £130 £60 £40 £30 £20 £20 - -
90 metres Ladies Handicap £130 £60 £40 £30 £20 £20 - -
90 metres Youths Handicap £130 £60 £40 £30 £20 £20 - -
800 metres Youths Handicap £80 £40 £30 £20 £15 £15 - -
200 metres Youths Handicap - aged 9 - 13 years £80 £40 £30 £20 £15 £15 - -
200 metres Youths Handicap - aged 13 - under 16 years £80 £40 £30 £20 £15 £15 - -
100 metres Short Limit Handicap - Invitation Only £200 £100 £50 £30 £20 £20 - -

1 Heat winners not in the final receive £50.
2 The first scratch runner to beat 4 mins receives a bonus of £1000.

Entry Form

Entries closed on 13th November.


The provisional timetable is to be announced.

New Year Sprint Heats and Handicaps

The heat draw for the 153rd New Year Sprint took place on 18th April.

Supporting Events Handicaps

The handicap lists for all supporting events are available:

  • 800 metres Open Handicap.
  • 1 Mile Open Handicap.
  • 200 metres Open Handicap.
  • 90 metres Veterans Handicap.
  • 90 metres Ladies Handicap.
  • 90 metres Youths Handicap.
  • 800 metres Youths Handicap.
  • 200 metres Youths Handicap - aged 9 - 13 years.
  • 200 metres Youths Handicap - aged 13 - under 16.
  • Location

    Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh is the venue for the 153rd New Year Sprint. Find your way using this Google map.


    Those travelling from further afield will probably be looking for accommodation during the meeting. The Scottish Tourist Board's website has a useful accommodation search page.

    Open to All

    Although a traditional professional athletics event, the New Year Sprint meeting has been granted permits by UK Athletics and Scottish Athletics so that amateur athletes (male and female) can compete with impunity, and still win prize money!