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The New Year Sprint is the most enduring open athletics event in the UK. A handicap race held over 110 metres, the Sprint has been staged in Scotland on or around New Year's Day annually since 1870. Competitors, both amateur and professional, vie for prize money totalling thousands of pounds.

150th New Year Sprint
This year sees a landmark in the history of the New Year Sprint as the event reaches its 150th staging. This extraordinary sequence has been achieved continuously without a single break; a record almost without parallel in the history of sport in the UK.
The 150th New Year Sprint is due to be held on Sunday 30th December 2018 and Tuesday 1st January 2019. The first day's events will be held at the East Lothian Athletics Arena in Prestonpans, 9 miles east of Edinburgh with the second day's events held at the traditional venue of Musselburgh Racecourse, 6 miles east of Edinburgh. The New Year's Day foot racing is due to be held in conjunction with the National Hunt meeting with the New Year Sprint final being televised as part of ITV Racing's coverage of the day's events.
To mark this special anniversary, all prize money for the 110 metres New Year Sprint is doubled, resulting in a massive 8000 first prize. The Sprint will be supported by the 200 metres Open and 800 metres Open events and separate Veterans and Ladies 90 metres events. Youths races, with a lower age limit of 9 years old, will be held over 90 metres, 200 metres and 800 metres.
The one off Former Winners Sprint will see New Year Sprint champions of yesteryear compete head to head with more recent winners.
All events feature a handicap starting system.
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In the event that the National Hunt meeting on 1st January is cancelled, the second day's running will be held alongside the National Hunt meeting later in the month. Cancellation of that horse race meeting will not result in a further postponement of the running.

149th New Year Sprint winner Calum McWilliam of East Kilbride AC
149th New Year Sprint winner Calum McWilliam of East Kilbride AC
Photo: Grossick Racing Photography.

Race of Champions
The New Year Sprint has attracted top-flight domestic and foreign runners throughout its history. Most recently, 1995 winner Doug Walker, went on to become European 200m champion. 1987 winner Bill Snoddy (U.S.A.) was formerly the world's fastest man (wind assisted) and World Professional Record holder over 120yds, George McNeill, won in 1970. Sprinters such as Willie McFarlane of Glasgow (1930s) and Harry Hutchens of London (1890s), who are considered the finest of their generation, also graced the event with superlative performances.

Race for All
The Sprint is more than just a battle between the fleetest of foot. For this event features a handicap starting system designed to ensure that any runner, no matter what their ability, age or sex, has a chance of scooping the big first prize.

Mystical Air
The longevity of the Sprint, the participation of champion runners, the prospect of a front marker clinging on for victory and the determination of all runners competing at the most inhospitable time of year are all ingredients that lend the Sprint an almost mystical air.

Site Overview
Brief History: Highlights of the Sprint and its characters since 1870.
149th New Year Sprint: All about last year's meeting.
Past Sprints: Results since 1990; reports, photos, video clips from more recent meetings.
Sprint Search: A powerful mechanism for searching the database of New Year Sprint entrants and results since 1990.
Roll of Honour: Browse or search the complete list of New Year Sprint winners.
Roll of Honour for Supporting Events: Browse or search the complete list of winners of the supporting events at the New Year Sprint meetings.
Sponsors: Who sponsored which event.

SHGA Fixture
The New Year Sprint meeting is a fixture of the open athletics circuit organised under the rules of the Scottish Highland Games Association (SHGA). The circuit includes traditonal Highland Games famous for "heavy" events. Games in the Scottish Borders are run under the rules of Borders Athletics.

British Athletics & Scottish Athletics approval
The New Year Sprint meeting has been sanctioned by British Athletics and Scottish Athletics for competition by amateur athletes who may keep prize money won.

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10 Dec 2018
Supporting events' heats and starts now available:
• Former Winners 90 metres Handicap
• 200 metres Open Handicap
• 800 metres Open Handicap
• 90 metres Veterans Handicap
• 90 metres Ladies Handicap
• 90 metres Youths Handicap
• 200 metres Youths Limited Handicap - age 10 - under 13
• 200 metres Youths Limited Handicap - age 13 - under 16
• 800 metres Youths Handicap
5 Dec 2018
Click here for the heats of the 150th New Year Sprint.
30 Nov 2018
Click here for the handicaps for the 150th New Year Sprint.
1 Nov 2018
Entries for the 150th New Year Sprint meeting have now closed.
29 Sept 2018
Calling all former winners of the New Year Sprint!
If you wish to enter the Former Winners Sprint at the forthcoming 150th New Year Sprint meeting and haven't already registered an interest, please email webmaster@newyearsprint.com
24 Sept 2018
Entry form for the 150th New Year Sprint meeting now available.
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New Year Sprint Images
Close finish in the New Year Sprint final. Photo by John Grossick Photography.
Close finish in the New Year Sprint final. Photo by John Grossick Photography.
Crowd at the New Year Sprint.
Crowd at the New Year Sprint.